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NEW Mango Domino 99 – QiuQiu Free Android Apps APK Download For PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP Full

NEW-Mango-Domino-99-QiuQiu-Games-free-download-for-windows Full description of NEW Mango Domino 99 – QiuQiu Games for PC.

Download NEW Mango Domino 99 – QiuQiu Games for PC/Laptop/Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP

Play NEW Mango Domino 99 Online like a pro in Android!

Mango Domino 99 (atau QiuQiu) is a simple game to make the best combinations. Sharpen your brain and make use of strategies.
Now, you can play Domino 99 with Mango Indoplay Online! Start playing, add friends, grow your community and spend time with your family by playing this CHALLENGING and ADDICTING game.
Anywhere Anytime!

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♠ 2-7 players in a game
♠ Using standard domino deck (28 bones)
♠ Each bone has 2 square tiles and every side of tiles has 0-6 nips (⚀ ⚁ ⚂ ⚃ ⚄ ⚅)
♠ Each player given 4 bones and needs to make 2 set of combinations
♠ Combination close to the value ‘9-9’ (double series) will wins
♠ Win the game with other combinations: small series. big series, twin series, six devil series

New Features
? New graphic designs
? A more convenient ‘Betting’ format
? Exciting game with new Indonesian voice actors
? Additional collection of expressive emoticons
? New collection of animated emoticons
? Write & save your own “fast messages”
? Various game room backgrounds

Main Features
♠ Real-time and multiplayer Domino 99 for anywhere anytime
♠ Room options for your preferences
♠ In-game Chat System and other social features
♠ Simplified UI for easy navigation
♠ Supports Indonesian and English Language

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Special Features
♠ Use your Gold for all Indoplay games (integrated with Mango Capsa Susun)
♠ Play with exciting sound effects
♠ Send and Receive Gold to/from your friends
♠ Get FREE GOLD when you finish your Gold
♠ Challenging level for Advanced players
♠ Gold Bonus in special events
♠ Easy In-App purchase options
♠ One ID for all Indoplay games

For more informations, please visit:
– Customer Support:
– Facebook Fanpage:
– Website:

★Other names of Indoplay Mango Domino 99★
* Domino kiu kiu
* Domino QQ / Qiu Qiu
* Poker 99 / Poker QQ
* Poker

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*** Gameplay experience and winning in this social game does not involve nor promote any form of gambling (Real-Money Transactions) in real life.

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